iPhone Internet Tethering via Bluetooth

MacBook ProI finally managed to connect to iPhone internet tethering via Bluetooth on a MacBook Pro. It was pretty easy after performing the latest Software Update.

In fact, I wrote this post using iPhone internet tethering on Singtel network. Now, I don’t have to mess around with the USB cable when connect my notebook to the internet via my iPhone.

If you’ve read my earlier post on iPhone Bluetooth Not Working, I had no luck trying to connect the iPhone to my VAIO laptop via Bluetooth internet tethering.

However, with my new MacBook Pro, it was a breeze connecting the iPhone 3GS. It was so easy and fast to use iPhone internet tethering.

Yes, I could not wait until the COMEX 2009 to get hold of the MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard OS. Anyway, the current version of OS X Leopard 10.5.8 is good enough for me.

I think I am an Apple fan now!

iPhone Internet Tethering via Bluetooth on Windows Vista

If you have trouble with Windows Vista Bluetooth device driver, you might want to try upgrading your iTunes to the latest version.

According to this Apple forum thread some people were successfully paired their iPhone with WIndows Vista laptop and connected to internet tethering over the Personal Area Network via Bluetooth.


  1. I, too, could connect my 3G to my Vaio laptop, but not this new 3GS. The Vaio recognizes the iPhone, but the iPhone cannot create a connection to the laptop. Frustrating, to say the least!

  2. Two days ago, I successfully configured Windows Vista on a HP laptop to access internet via iPhone internet tethering via bluetooth.

    iTunes 9 was installed on the HP laptop. I ignored the error when it said it could not find the driver.

    I then paired the iPhone with the HP and joined the bluetooth Personal Area Network.

  3. Hi Tobias,

    First, you have to pair your iPhone with your MacBook Pro.

    You will also need to have Bluetooth PAN in your System Preference > Network

    Then select Bluetooth device and connect to the Bluetooth network.

  4. Hi,
    Untill now I could synch via Bluetooth my iPad and iPhone to Macbook Pro.
    I do not know about Tethernet.
    Would you like to help me, by showing step by step to synch by bluetooth.

    Thank for helping me.



  5. Hey can some one leave steps to access internet or bluetooth in windows vista through Iphone (just iphone) please.

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