COMEX 2009: MSI X340 Best Value Ultra Thin Laptop

The price of MSI X340 has dropped to S$1,088 according to an ad in today’s Digital Life featuring on the Comex 2009 Singapore starting tomorrow, 10 to 13 September 2009. That’s more than 30% discount from the initial X340 launch price of S$1,599!

Ultra Thin Laptops: MacBook Pro vs MSI X340

With such bargain price, not too far from a 11″ Netbook, the MSI X340 may be the best value ultra thin laptop for this year Comex 2009.

Why MSI X340 and not Netbook

Because the MSI X340 price is so cheap now!

We all know the biggest disadvantage with the Netbook is the screen size. And I could not really work on such small screen.

Now you can get the X340 with a decent 13.4″ screen at 1366×768 resolution that weights about 1.3kg. But, this ultra thin laptop doesn’t have long battery life. According to some reviews, it lasted about 2 hours.

Visit Corbell Booth at COMEX 2009 Singapore

COMEX 2009 MSI X340 - click to view
P.S. At the COMEX 2009, you can trade in any Core Duo Notebook for an additional $200 cash rebate, then you pay only $888 for the MSI X340.

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