Natas Fair 2010

The Natas Fair is just around the corner and I guess this year event will be bigger despite more competitions from smaller travel fairs such as the Travel Feista by Mediacorp and promotion events by large travel agencies.

Natas Fair 2010

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Friday to Sunday
27 – 29 August 2010
Singapore Expo Halls 3B, 4 & 5
Entrance fee: S$4

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will visit the Natas Fair this year. I think it’s not worth the time and effort to book a discount travel package at the Natas travel fair. In fact I find it quite stressful to make any travel decision at such a crowded event. And I will do my holiday travel shopping online.

Natas Fair 2010 screen shot

Avoid the Crowd, Book Online

Frankly, online travel booking is convenient, easy and secure. When I know where exactly I want to travel for my holiday:

  • I can book my cheap air ticket online.
  • I can book my hotel accommodation online.
  • I can do all my research and travel planning online from the comfort on my home. So why queue to pay $4 and get myself crushed in the crowd.

Lately, I heard too many stories about last minute cancellations of confirmed departure date travel booking and lost confidence in travel agencies, big and small.


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  2. When my friend asked me “is it worth it to visit the NATAS Fair?”, I told him if he were not interested in booking package tour then it’s not worth the $4 admission fee and the time to queue for entry.

    However, if you want to shop for a cheap package tour and compare prices then you should go visit the Natas Fair 2011 next week!

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