Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are one of the most important aspects of your wedding. Choosing the right wedding flowers will accentuates the spirit and mood of your big day, and the right wedding bouquet, like your wedding dress, will make you more beautiful.

Wedding flowers - wedding photo shoot

So, let’s select a hand bouquet that will look gorgeous on you.

Ask yourself this question: “What specific flowers do I want?”

Consider the color, shape, and fragrance when selecting your bouquet flowers.

Keep in mind that some flowers are not in season all year round. For example, tulips are not suitable to hot climate while roses, especially the red ones are all time favorite for weddings.

Which Hand Bouquet Styles is Right for You

The next thing to consider is the styles of hand bouquet: posy, nosegay, cascading, sheath, crescent, hand-tied bouquet and etc.

In order to choose a hand bouquet style that looks good on you and in your wedding photos, the most important thing to consider is your height and body shape.

Cascading bouquetIf you are a not-so-tall bride…

Go for a large sheath or cascading bouquet, as they need to add height. These two types of bouquets give the illusion of length. Avoid posy bouquet as it would make you look more compact and even shorter.

If you are a tall bride…

Posy bouquetGo for a large posy or a medium cascading bouquet. A large posy bouquet will draw the eye down and give people a focal point so that they won’t be focusing on your height.

And if you think you are a large bride…

Go for a large bouquet. A bigger wedding bouquet will make you seem much slimmer as opposed to a small bouquet will exaggerate your width, and make you look larger than you really are.

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