Megatex 2012 Singapore

I first heard of Megatex Singapore in 2009. Megatex is yet another electronics and IT expo show. This is in addition to the 4 mega consumer electronics expo at Suntec Singapore and Singapore Expo: IT Show Singapore, PC Show Singapore, Comex Singapore and SITEX.

Megatex Singapore

In 2009, there were two Megatex Expo held at the Singapore Expo: 9-12 April 2009 and then again from 23 to 27 December 2009. I guess it must be doing well to have the event organized by Courts twice a year.

The prices of electronics gadgets and electric appliances are very attractive, especially the special price items. You can find many branded products at very discounted prices e.g. Sony LCD TV, Philips CD Micro System, Casio Digital Piano, Acer Desktop PC, Lenovo Notebook, Asus Netbook and etc.

If you are thinking of visiting the next Megatex Expo then it will be…

Megatex 2012 Singapore

2 to 5 August 2012
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm
Singapore Expo Hall 5B

I have yet to visit the Megatex Expo, reason being it is organized by Courts and the variety is not as wide as those found in the IT Show, PC Show, Comex and SITEX.

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think of the Megatex Expo as compared with the rest of the IT shows.


  1. Different, because it’s got the syllables MEGA in it… so must be a mega-show yes (looking blur, gullible, and innocent)

  2. It sucks… been to one last year… it’s just a single hall and there is no vibes nor the usual crowd…not exciting at all..

    stuff seems second-rated too.

  3. i am new in singapore.
    this megatex show crowd is more than or better than the IT Show 2010 (OVER) 11 March – 14 March 2010 kah ?

  4. Danny, got home appliances? Courts seem to be saying that their prices are “lowest in town” and have a very yaya papaya TV advertisement. If only I got place to store a washing machine, queen bed and fridge, I might go to the expo to see if any fits my choice.

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