Free MacBook Singtel Broadband at PC Show 2010

Singtel is giving away a “free” Apple MacBook worth $1,488 when you subscribe to 10Mbps Home Broadband for $85/mth. The catch is… you have to commit to a 24-month contract. The total cost for the MacBook and the fixed broadband is 24 x $85, $2,040. To me, it’s a installment plan to own a MacBook and you are paying for your free MacBook.

Apple MacBook

Singtel 10 Mbps Fixed Broadband at $23/mth

Effectively, you are paying $23 per month for the 10 Mbps home broadband, which is a good deal. Look at it this way. If you always wanted a MacBook but find it hard to justify for the higher price compared to a Acer or Dell then here’s a good excuse for you to get hold of a MacBook.

Why not pay $85 per month for a MacBook and faster 10Mbps broadband.

Am I stuck with 10Mbps when Next Gen NGN is ready?

Singtel 10Mbps will probably be fast enough until the Next Gen NBN becomes fully operational in 2013. But I expect some home users will be able to connect to Next Gen NBN by 2012 and prices of home broadband will spiral down as more players come on board to offer high-speed broadband.

If you are not current bounded by any fixed broadband contract, then go down to Suntec Singapore Level 6 Hall 601 to grab your free MacBook!

Free MacBook Singtel Broadband

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