Comex 2010

The COMEX 2010 will be held at Suntec Singapore from 2 to 5 September 2010. As with the IT Show and PC Show held earlier in March and June, this year’s Comex Show is expected to be crowded.

Singapore’s economy is doing very well and people are having more cash in the pockets. Many are willing to spend more on the latest electronic gadgets such as the iPad, game consoles, digital cameras, portable hard drives, LED TV, BluRay players, laptops, netbooks and etc.

Canon EOS 550D

Over 820 Exhibitors at Comex 2010

However, I observed that as compared with last year, many of the big brands were either absent or had smaller booth in the earlier IT Show 2010 and PC Show 2010. I really hope to see Acer, Asus, Canon, Dell, Fujitsu PC, HP, Lenovo, LG Electronic, Nikon, Sony, Samsung and etc. have bigger presence and showcase their latest products at the Comex Singapore.

Olympus E-P2

COMEX 2010 Price List

I do not have many items on my list. I will need a wireless Wi-Fi laser printer and hopefully save enough to buy the Olympus E-P2. To get the best bargain, I will download all the Comex Price Lists I could get hold of online, from Hardwarezone and Bootstrike, to compare prices and freebies before going to Suntec Singapore to get my wireless laser printer which probably will be a HP, Epson, Brother or Lexmark printer.

Wireless Laser Printer

What are you buying at the Comex 2010? Please comment below.


    1. Apple MacBook Pro prices are controlled in Singapore. The prices are the same when you buy from any authorized resellers. However, look out for the freebies given by these authorized Apple resellers during the Comex Show 2010.

    1. I think Olympus E-PL1 is a great camera for people who want to upgrade from a digital compact but do not want the bulk and weight of a DSLR. Read the E-PL1 review by and see if you can live with the following “shortcomings”…

      – Some highlight clipping (and poor dynamic range at ISO 100)

      – Low resolution screen that’s hard to see in bright light

      – No orientation sensor means having to rotate every portrait image manually

      – Exposure controls slow and awkward to use (by DSLR standards)

      – 1/2000th max shutter speed combined with base sensitivity of ISO 200 limits you to small apertures in bright light

      – i-Enhance picture mode can’t be disengaged when using iAuto

      – Complicated menu at odds with camera’s easy-to-use philosophy

      – Build quality and rear panel design a disappointment compared to more expensive PENs

      – Preview image brightness doesn’t always match the captured image brightness

      – The most interesting Art Filters slow down operation (and make the movie mode virtually useless)

  1. is good to hear that next PC Show is first week of Sept. I am looking for notebook price range S$600-650. I hope i can get it.

  2. wow… really looking fwd to this coming IT show.
    I looking to get a new notebook (but still unsure of which model is good and cheap). Will there be a booth for HTC too?

  3. im looking at DSLR canon 550D, do you think the comex will have a better deal then the electronics and it sales happening at expo?

  4. I wanna get an iPad…went over to the Epic Centre at Marina Bay Sands a while ago, approached the staff and ask do they any more stock of iPad? They replied me no… I hope Comex will have iPad

  5. hi..i want to buy NIKON P100 from the COMEX… What do you think..? Can i get a good deal…? maeket price is $699.00. This week MEGATEX at Expo also have some good deals…hope COMEX will come with better deals….!!

  6. I’m checking out the 27″ iMac deal there, see if they can give me better freebies than the free iPod touch and $140 less if I order direct from Apple. Signing up for Starhub broadband. Getting a mirrorless DSLR. Maybe a Blu-Ray home theatre system if I can find a good deal.

  7. hoping to get a Nikon D90 at comex or at the resellers during comex.. for the June show, they actually sold Canon 550D at RRP but throw in a few freebies.. but i think if can live without freebies, can get at funan instead…

    but hopefully the price will drop!!

  8. My wishlist is:
    A netbook
    A compact camera, pref Casio Exilim.
    If price is good, a 32 in TV (pref LED)

    Any thoughts, recommendations?

  9. want to find a value for money desktop PC, perhaps just get the CPU processor but my budget around $500-$600 as my monitor still in working condition. any recommendations? thanks.

  10. i bought this gateway nv49c at 1099
    intel core i5-430
    4gb ddr3
    320gb hdd
    512mb nvidia graphic 310m (330m +$100)
    for specs like this easily hit 1.4-1.5k
    do look for these specs within 1k … u will get lower spec alot cheaper if u find this

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