Fuji X100 or Lumix GF2 and Olympus E-PL2?

These are my dream compacts: Fuji X100, Lumix GF2 and Olympus E-PL2. If money is no object, I will definitely get the Fuji X100. It will make a perfect companion when I go traveling.

Fuji X100

Fuji X100 is Expensive!

The Fuji X100 costs twice as much as the Olympus E-PL2.

For those who can afford the high price tag of the Fujifilm X100, the price is US$1,199.95; compare that to the Olympus EPL2 with the 14-42mm kit lens which costs US$599.

The GF2 with the 14mm f/2.5 lens now costs US$589.99.

And if you do not have thousand of dollars to splurge on a fixed lens compact then the choice is between GF2 and EPL2. With the 14-42mm kit lens, the Panasonic GF2 price is US$375 vs the Olympus EPL2 price US$599.

EPL2 vs GF2

I have been using the Lumix, first was the LX3 and then the LX5. So I do have an inclination for the Panasonic digital compact.

However, I am also using an Olympus DLSR, the E5, and I love Olympus color!

As for the physical specs, the GF2 is smaller and lighter. But I am not sure if I’ll like the touch screen since I’m used to dials and buttons.

Lumix GF2:  112.8 x 67.8 x 32.8 mm, 265g
Olympus EPL2: 115.4 x 72.7 x 42.0 mm, 317g

Which is Better?

I have read all the recent discussion threads on GF2 vs EPL2 at my favorite photography forums. I have studied the technical reviews at dpreview.com on GF2 and EPL2 – the ratings were 71% for EPL2 and 70% for GF2 which to me means equal!

No. I cannot decide which one to buy.

So, what do you suggest?

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  1. Why do you think the Fuji is at all worth the money they’re asking for it? It’s nice looking but it doesn’t seem nearly as good as the panasonic or the Olympus. I’d love to know why you think it’s worth almost twice as much.

  2. The Fujifilm X100 is expensive and I will like to have one if I have the extra money. I’ll buy it because of its look, its larger sensor and the supposedly better lens.

    Is it worth it? You have to ask yourself. I guess it’s the same reason why some people are paying thousand of dollars for a Leica – because it’s expensive!

  3. Once you add the Panny 20/1.7 lens and the VF2 acessory to the E-PL2, you’ve almost paid for the X100.

  4. Yes, but with the Olympus combo you can grap the lens and manula focus immediatetly and you can also upgrade your system by buying new lenses ( the upcoming Zuico 12mm maybe 🙂 )

  5. Phil,

    Yes, I want the Zuiko 12mm F2.0 now!

    Last week, I decided to buy the Olympus E-PL2 and ordered the 2 lens kit at B&H from USA. Hopefully, it’ll turn out well for me and I will post a review.

  6. between the EP2 and EPL2 which do u think is a better buy??? i still cant decide which to take…. i read a few reviews… seems like EPL2 is better in term of AF speed, better LCD screen…. argh.. i’m stuck.

    EPL1 now $568
    EPL2 – i cant find any stocks, wat the heck
    EP2 – $698

    1. I am using the E-PL2 and I like it. No experience on the E-P2, so cannot comment.

      You may check out Clubsnap Forum for pre-owned E-PL2 in the Personal Classified section.

  7. I managed to get the Olympus EP2 at a good price. After using it for about a month, I sold the EPL2. I find the EP2 more suitable for me.

    Next I will get the Panasonic GX1. I cannot resisit the 16MP sensor!

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