HP Touchpad Singapore Launch

The HP Touchpad was officially launched in Singapore on 12 Aug 2011. You have seen the HP Touchpad ad in the newspaper and TV Commercial. So you are tempted by the cheap price as compared with the iPad 2 and the rest of the copycats.

HP Touchpad

So, should you buy the HP Touchpad?

The answer is NO.

The several HP Touchpad reviews that I’ve read indicated that this is an “obsolete” tablet.

Why is it Obsolete?

Because it was developed with iPad (1st generation) in mind and to compete with a product obsoleted by iPad 2.

Heavier, Thicker & Few Apps

iPad 2 vs HP Touchpad

HP Touchpad is a Brick — BusinessInsider

If you compare the HP Touchpad to the iPad 2, physically, the former is heavier and bulkier. And, of course, it has very few apps compare to what you could install on an iPad.

The HP Touchpad and the WebOS is doomed.

In fact, I just got the news that HP will kill off this 6-week old product.

Unless you are an ultra-geek or a collector, don’t waste the money to buy the HP Touchpad because of the aggressive ad campaign.

[Latest Updated – 1 Sep 2011] Comex 2011 – HP Touchpad Sale – Now you can get the HP Touchpad in Singapore at sale price. Be the first 200 to grab it at the Comex 2011 beginning 1 Sep 2011 at Suntec Singapore. The price of the Touchpad 16GB has been slashed to SGD118 and Touchpad 32GB to SGD188.

[Latest Updated – 22 Aug 2011] HP Touchpad Sale – Major electronics retailers are trying to clear the now obsoleted HP Touchpad. 16GB model price is slashed to $98 and 32GB model at $148 in Australia. — Source: current.com.au

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  1. The people had advanced ticket numbers before the show started. I was thoroughly disappointed with the time & effort wasted in queuing on behalf of my spouse. More than ever, seen the ugly sides of our people. So once the door opens, everyone dashed in but were informed all taken up.
    I am disappointed with HP staffs that juncture and will not buy any of these in the next 3days. Do not queue blindly as the crowds have been there much earlier before the door started! Be warned.

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