NATAS Fair 2012

For the past year, I have been travelling quite a bit and this year I’ll probably do the same. So, I will visit this year’s Natas Travel Fair to find out the latest favorite destinations and check on the prices of package tours to a couple of places. I want to visit Mongolia and Korea. I reckon package group tours will be the better option than free-and-easy package because the language barrier.

Naadam Festival Wrestling Match

Pre Natas Fair

In order to find out as much information as possible on these 2 countries before I visit Natas Fair 2012 at Singapore Expo, I also googled for pre natas fair promotion on these destinations. To my disappointment, there wasn’t any useful information. I was hoping that bigger tour agencies in Singapore, such as Chan Brothers, CTC Travel or SA Tours will advertise or publicise when and where they’ll hold their Pre-Natas Fair promotions. No info on that either. Not giving up, I asked my friends via Facebook and was told that many, if not all the Pre Natas promotions are held at Suntec City over the weekends.

I need your help…

Please leave a comment below if you know of any upcoming Pre Natas Fair at Suntec City.

5 Tips to NATAS Fair Deals

Top 5 Tips to Great Natas Fair Deals

What I did find useful was an article in the Top 5 Tips to Great Natas Fair Deals. Here’s the 5 tips:

  • Do Not Go Too Early
  • Bring All Your Credit Cards
  • Freedom On Wheels
  • Travel Insurance Deals
  • Airfare Promotion

I agree to the advice on arriving an hour after the official opening hour. Two years ago, I was arrived at Singapore Expo just before 10am and have to queue for 20 minutes to get in. When I was leaving after an hour or so, there was no queue.

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