No More Apple Products at IT Show 2012

It was shocking news when I read the local paper report that Apple products cannot be sold at the IT Show 2012! Apple Australia that oversees Singapore market decided that it was damaging to Apple’s image when its products were sold at IT fairs.

No Apple products at IT Show 2012

It seems to be pure arrogance that motivates the ban on Apple resellers. Apple stands to lose millions of dollar of sale during the 4-day IT Show 2012.

No Apple deals at IT fairs - The Strait Times, 6 Mar 2012

However, I think Apple is trying to hurt their resellers so as to bolster its own online store sales in Singapore. Or Apple is about to open own store in Singapore. It’s a lose-lose for Apple, Apple resellers and more importantly Apple fans in Singapore.

What do you think?

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  1. The newspaper report mentioned that telcos such as Singtel, M1 and Starhub will not be affected by the Apple products ban at IT fairs. That means you can still get your iPads and iPhones at the IT Show 2012.

    I hope Singtel still can give away the MacBook Air for broadband subscription contract.

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