What are the Starhub DNS server IP settings?

I am writing down Starhub DNS server IP settings here so that I can easily find it when I need to configure the cable modem/router. For some strange reasons, I like to reset the modem once in a while and prefer to manually enter the DNS server IP’s.

Starhub DNS Server IPs:


I also found out the IPv6 addresses for Starhub DNS after some googling around:

Primary DNS : 2406:3000:0:11::78
Secondary DNS : 2406:3000:0:14::36

If you have already implemented IPv6, please leave me a comment below to tell me if these IPv6 addresses are working correctly.

Use the following link to access the official FAQ on Starhub broadband:

– http://www.starhub.com/content/support/broadband.html

For those geeks who want to tweak the TCP settings using DrTCP on Windows OS, you may want to start testing the numbers indicated in this very antiquated screenshot.

Starhub Broadband TCP settings

You may have test out the numbers by trial and error to get the optimal settings and determine your broadband speed using this link:

– http://utilities.starhub.com/conexon/en/UtilitiesStartFrame.jsp

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