Mother’s Day 2009

Last year I wrote about Mother’s Day Dinner and how many young people celebrated this special day by taking their mums to a sumptuous dinner. For Mother’s Day 2009, it’s time to go hi-tech with Mother’s Day present.

Singapore Song – Things So Singaporean

It will be very un-Singaporean of me if I dun blog this very Singapore song – Things So Singaporean. I discovered this song at Kian Ann’s blog. I think this Singlish song, composed and sung by Ann Hussein and lyric by Judith d’Siliva, should be one of our NDP songs from now on!

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Trekking

I had been to the top of Bukit Timah hill many times but today is my first trek at Bukit Timah nature reserve. We did not take the usual route but the more difficult off-the-map route which took me nearly 3 hours to complete.

New Youtube Wide Format 16:9

You would have noticed the wide video format when you visited Youtube today. Yes, YouTube now display 16:9 wide format video. The dimension of the video is 640×360 pixels. Now you can start uploading your HD video in wide format.

#1 Feng Shui Blog

The Feng Shui Queen made it to the Google #1 for the search terms Singapore feng shui blog. She has been using her blog to keep in touch with her clients and I think she is doing an excellent job – using the latest technology to promote ancient Chinese wisdom!

Online Flower Shop

I realized that many of the online flower shops in Singapore are so similar! They look almost alike! It would hard to tell one online flower shop from another – go google for flowers or florist and look at the top 10 sites.

How To Build A Simple Site

Discover this video on how to build a simple site – Introduction to Drupal. It is a funny video, yet very useful for me to understand what I can do with Drupal. If you are like me, looking for information on Drupal and Joomla and trying to figure out which CMS

Rednano – where is it heading?

It’s been 4 months since I last wrote about Rednano – the Singapore search engine which was launched 6 months ago. I just checked it traffic statistics at and, the numbers show that Rednano is going nowhere.

SITEX 2008 Singapore

SITEX probably stands for Singapore IT EXpo will be held from 27 Nov to 1 Dec 2008 at the Singapore Expo. You may not want to visit the official site SITEX 2008 – Your Digital Playground because you won’t get much information there except for the dates and lots of colorful icons and banners.