Free SEO eBook by Google

Read about the Free SEO Starter Guide at the Blogopreneur this morning via Google Alert. It was a short post by Kian Ann. Since he highly recommend it and it’s by Google, I have to go download and print a copy of this

Female Colorectal Surgeons

I met up with a colorectal surgeon yesterday – Dr Aileen Seah is one of the only two female colorectal surgeons in Singapore. No, I do not have colon cancer.

Who’s Joe the Plumber?

Does Singaporean care who is Joe the plumber? This “Joe-the-plumber” was mentioned 13 times in the 3rd US Presidential Debate ended just minutes ago.

HDB Resale Price Up 4.2%

ST reported in the headlines the fall in private home prices but it is the HDB resale price that I am more concerned about. The prices of HDB resale flats rose 4.2% in Q3 2008 and that’s good news for me.

Going for a Walk at MacRitchie

Finally! After lazing around for more than a year, I am going to restart my walk at MacRitchie reservoir. I used to walk the MacRitchie trail every month in 2006-2007 and visited the MacRitchie treetop walk.

Why Corporate Blogging?

“Blogs are a nuisance” was what an IT director of a local bank told me 2 years ago. Of course, he was wrong.

Feng Shui Prosperity by Feng Shui Queen

Feng Shui is a hot search topic in Singapore and Malaysia. A quick check on Google Trends and you will see that Malaysia is ranked No. 1 and Singapore No. 2 for the number searches for the phrase “feng shui”.