Bak Kwa vs iPhone Bluetooth

Bakkwa gets more traffic than iPhoneThe numbers are out. Bakkwa wins over iPhone in bringing more visitors to this blog. Before yesterday, more people come to this blog searching for iPhone. Now, I get more people looking for bakkwa. It’s confirmed that Singaporeans love the sweet barbecued pork more than their gadgets!

Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kwa

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Getting Top Ranking Hubpages in Google

This morning I opened my mail box and found this short but very important note from William Kho(who attended the SEO Workshop in 2006): “I followed your steps in creating a page on tips on caring for cats on Hubpages and I’ve got it ranked 2nd on Google in less than 30 hours.” While you … Read more

Keyword Tool for PPC Keyword Research

I reckon there are already many of free keyword research tools out there but is there a reliable AdWords keyword tool that spys on your competitors’ PPC campaigns? If you are new to the PPC advertising, one for the smart way of finding the right keywords for your AdWords campaign is to use what your … Read more