Enterprise SMS Messaging

Today, I was invited to lunch by Bernard Ng, CTO of Hello Technology Pte Ltd, a company specializes in enterprise SMS messaging.

What is Enterprise SMS Messaging

Hello Technology is the company that powers the mission critical technology in the 2-factor authentication of your DBS Bank account and mobilizing personnels via SMS – think Mindef open mob.

Here, we are not talking about spending $200 getting a SMS modem, sending a message every minute and pray that the message reach the subscribers.

Enterprise SMS messaging is more than that, it requires reliable hardware, dedicated infra-structure and smart software to ensure messages are delivered successfully within a very short time.
Enterprise SMS Messaging - Call +65 6327 7188
I found out that enterprise SMS messaging is a big thing to large corporations which need to contact hundred of the staff in the field or thousand of customers every day.

“Let Me Buy You Lunch”

I was invited to lunch not to find out more about their business but to talk about SEO and make some new friends.

Look at the photo below. See the drinks and food containers? Good lunch, and no one dozed off during my more-than-an-hour presentation on The 5-Step SEO Strategy.
Enterprise SMS Messaging - Hello Technology
I think it’s a great idea that the bosses at Hello Technology organise such lunch-in every month for their staff to interact with one another and at the same time, expose them to technology outside their area of specialization.

It was a rare opportunity for me to talk about SEO to a group of very techie people. Make me feel great to be the SEO Evangelist, doing my part to promote the awareness of SEO.

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