Samsung Galaxy S2 Review by an iPhone user

I have been using the Galaxy S2 for about 2 months now. After spending about 2 years with the iPhone 3GS, I renewed my Singtel contract in July and got the Samsung Galaxy SII. To be very very honest, I don’t miss the iPhone!

Samsung Galaxy S2

I love the iPhone 3GS. That’s why I didn’t upgrade to a iPhone 4 when it was launched last year. I wanted a phone with better reception and longer battery life.

Better Reception & Longer Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S2 gives me better reception and longer battery life. My phone calls didn’t get drop as often when going into the lift. And I don’t have to recharge the Galaxy S2 every 8 to 10 hours. I can use the Galaxy S2 for up to 2 days with recharging.

The Samsung interface for Andriod is ok. I got used to it within 2 days. Apple iOS is still superior in this aspect. Apple iPhone OS is a lot more intuitive.

Great Phone Camera

I like the quality of the photo taken by the Galaxy S2 8MP camera. It gives sharp picture in bright outdoor and usable photos in low-light enviroment. You can also adjust the exposure to compensate for extreme lighting condition. In addition, the camera app has built-in editor for you to crop your images.

Email App

I don’t like the email app. It is slow and not intuitive to use. So I do not download to read email messages unless I think it’s urgent and important. I rather access my email on my MacBook.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Many iPhone users complain about the limitation of sharing files over Bluetooth**. One reason I switch to an Andriod phone is because I wanted to try out first hand the advantage of using Bluetooth to transfer file. Honestly, after 2 months, I still don’t see myself using this Bluetooth transfer frequently – I only transferred via Bluetooth 3 times so far.


Because I used Dropbox. I find it more convenient to transfer files via Dropbox App between my Galaxy S2, iPad and MacBook.

**iPhone 3GS Bluetooth Not Working

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