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Not too long ago, I registered the domain for a project I had in mind. I thought of making a website to help people to schedule small group meeting easily with a simple online app.

Project Abandoned, Domain Parked with Sedo

I registered before I got to know about which I think is a fantastic online meeting scheduler and extremely easy to use.

Now that I am happily using Doodle and not having to pay a dime, I decided to abandon the project and park the domain,, with I intended to just let it parked there until the domain registration expires.

However, I was surprised to see that people are actually visiting this domain, without me doing any form of advertising, marketing or promotion.

This blog post is the first time I mentioned about this domain name publicly.

Abandoned Domain Name Generating Revenue

The domain is currently generating a small revenue through Sedo domain parking and I am thinking again if I should keep domain and build a proper content website to attract more visitors and increase the ads revenue.

Here’s what I found out from the statistics provided by Sedo:

  • The keyword is “meetup”
  • People are clicking at the dating ads
  • More than 90% of the visitors came from Singapore to become an Online Dating Website?

It seems to me that online dating is hugely popular in Singapore and there are a good number of advertisers willing to pay top dollar for online advertising. So, maybe, I could make a Singapore online dating site?!

Yes, it would be nice to dream about making a free online dating website as successful as However, I am a geeky nerd and not familiar with or interested in online dating and matchmaking. I think it might just be too difficult for me to create good content to draw visitors and advertisers to the website.

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  1. do a content site..sell some of the dating courses that those love gurus touting.. on top of the usual advertising..

    or you do a content site on reviews on the various dating agencies?


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