Google SMU Get NTU

Singapore Management University (SMU) students not too happy about Nanyang Technological University (NTU) buying the keyword smu at Google Sponsored Links.

The 7 Web Analytics Sins

Do you know what are the most common misconceptions in Web analytics? Here’s the list of the 7 Web Analytics Sins:

Sitemap Generator

I was looking for a free XML sitemaps generator and found GSiteCrawler, a desktop software which spiders all your Web pages and create sitemap for your site.

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IT Show 2008

I was at the IT Show 2008 yesterday and went again earlier today to take a picture of a little gadget that kept me awake thinking last night.

Web Design for Mobile Devices

Ever wonder what is the ideal Web page size for the mobile phones, smartphones, Internet tablets or ultraportable laptops?

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