IT Show 2012

The IT Show 2012 will be held from Thursday, 8 to Sunday, 11 March. The 4 days IT Show is expected to draw ten of thousands of visitors and generate millions of dollars in sales. The IT Show is the first of the 4 major computer and electronics trade fairs in Singapore: The IT Show, … Read more

NATAS Fair 2012

For the past year, I have been travelling quite a bit and this year I’ll probably do the same. So, I will visit this year’s Natas Travel Fair to find out the latest favorite destinations and check on the prices of package tours to a couple of places. I want to visit Mongolia and Korea. … Read more

Total Lunar Eclipse Singapore

I only got to know about the lunar eclipse which could be seen in Singapore a couple of hours before it happened on the night of 10 Dec 2011. It was a cool windy night and the sky was clear. Rarely we have so little clouds and even rarer a chance to witness a total … Read more

HP Touchpad Singapore Launch

The HP Touchpad was officially launched in Singapore on 12 Aug 2011. You have seen the HP Touchpad ad in the newspaper and TV Commercial. So you are tempted by the cheap price as compared with the iPad 2 and the rest of the copycats.

HP Touchpad

So, should you buy the HP Touchpad?

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PC Show 2011

It’s the June school again. One of the biggest events this month is the PC Show Singapore 2011. This is the second of the 4 major electronics and IT fairs: The IT Show in March, The PC Show in June, COMEX Singapore in August and SITEX Singapore in November.

PC Show Singapore PC Show 2011
9 -12 June 2011
Level 1, 3, 4 & 6
Suntec Singapore
Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm

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SingTel iPad 2

SingTel iPad 2 will be available from Sat, 14 May 2011. The cheapest iPad 2 with data plan offered by SingTel starts at SGD399. The mobile broadband plan costs SGD40 per month.

Singtel iPad 2

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iPad 2 Launch in Singapore

It was announced last month that Singapore will get it’s Apple iPad 2 in April 2011. Finally, the iPad 2 was launched on April 29, 2011. The cheapest iPad 2, the 16GB WiFi model costs S$668 and the most expensive 64GB with 3G costs S$1,108.

iPad 2 official launch date in Singapore

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Mother’s Day Promotion

Mother’s Day 2012 falls on Sunday, 13 May. In Singapore it is common to take Mum out for dinner and we will also buy her Mother’s Day flowers and gifts.

Mother's Day Promotion

And so we have been seeing florists, restaurants and hotels getting ever more creative with their Mother Day’s promotion to make you spend more money to spoil Mum on her special day.

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