Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Price

Also known as the Galaxy N8000, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is now available in Singapore. You can get the 16GB 3G+WiFi model from the 3 telcos: Singtel, Starhub and M1. Prices start from $398 with a Starhub or M1 subscription plan.

Galaxy Note 10.1 with M1 Plan

The price of the Galaxy Note 10.1 from Singtel costs more because you’ll be paying a cheaper monthly subscription.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Singtel

For a $40 monthly subscription plan (3G Flexi Lite or Mobile Broadband 21), it will cost you $498 to buy the Galaxy Note 10.1 from Singtel.

Singtel Galaxy Note 10.1 price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Starhub

Starhub Galaxy Note 10.1 price

For a $58 monthly subscription plan (3G SmartSurf 300 or i2Surf 300), you pay $398 for the Galaxy Note 10.1 from Starhub.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Price Comparison

Total cost of Singtel Galaxy Note 10.1 over 2 years = $1,458

Total cost of Starhub Galaxy Note 10.1 over 2 years = $1,790

For a 2-year contract, my calculation tells me that the total cost of Singtel Galaxy Note 10.1 is lowest among the 3 telcos. However, the $398 price tag from Starhub looks the more attractive and causes lesser initial damage to the wallet.

Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi Price

If you are looking for the 16GB Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi only model, then the retail price is $798. The price include freebies such as Samsung DV300 camera, 16 micro SD card and Norton Security software. Get it from Best Denki Stores.

Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi freebies

9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Price”

  1. Good analysis on the new Samsung Note 10.1 pricing structure.

    I personally think more people will go for Starhub deal with smaller initial outlay.. That’s Singaporean style.. Monthly payment don’t hurt that much even though its higher!

  2. i think it is not fair to compare: $40 monthly subscription plan, Singtel 3G Flexi Lite for 2Gb data, with a $58 monthly subscription Starhub 3G SmartSurf 300 for 12Gb!
    2Gb compare to 12Gb? you played truant during your primary school’s math lesson?lol

  3. will you kindly enlighten me;
    if ever i will avail for this new device,
    how much my initial payment and then monthly installment,

    this mobile will be mine or what?
    sorry for the inconvenience and thank you

    i am new in singapore that is why

  4. May I know what’s the validity period of the Best Denki promo for the 16GB Wifi model you’d mentioned?? Is it still available?

  5. Hi,
    i m wondering how much will be the cost of data plan per month in starhub or singtel or M1 if i buy the samsung galaxy note in full pay? pls give sone advice .. 😉 tnx

  6. It is really worthwhile to buy it non contract if u have a data sim card already. If u are a broadband customers, it is most likely u already have a free data sim card from your provider already.

  7. Hi, I’m searching for the galaxy note 10.1 tablet. Anyone has any price plan updates from the 3 telcos? Is it more worthwhile to buy just the set without the plan

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