Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

I’ve been waiting eagerly for Galaxy Note 2 since I first read about it about 2 months ago despite being an iPhone user since iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 and eventually the iPhone 4S.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Grey and White

Last Saturday, I bought the Galaxy Note 2 from Singtel after being turned away by Starhub’s long queue at Plaza Singapura on Friday evening.

The first feeling when I get the unit is that it has the right heft. It feels just nice in your hand but I find it a tad too slim. For those who are clumsy like me, it may slip off easily but that can be arrested with a friction cover.

Super Bright Large Display Perfect Watching Video

Next thing that awes me is the super bright and hi-res screen. It’s really good for watching videos. I think ladies can forget about Tab or iPad, this phone does it all. Now you can make calls and watch Korean dramas all from a single device.

The camera can take very sharp photos at 3,264 x 2,448(8 megapixels). One neat feature I like is it can take pictures at burst rate which is very fast and sharp. When in video mode, you can continue to take snapshots too. Nice!

Well-spaced Keyword Reduces Typo

Next thing is the keyboard. I really love the well-spaced keys compared to the “squeezy” iPhone keyboard. I immediately HALF my typing errors on the Note 2! Now I really breeze-type all my emails and SMSes!

Another neat feature of the Note 2 is that it allows shifting of dialing keypad controls to either side of the phone. This is to allow one-hand control of the phone for both left and right handers. Very thoughtful indeed!

Lots of Apps & Seamless GMail Integration

There are a lot of apps on the Android store too. One of my initial concerns was that I will lose a lot of my favorite apps if I shift camp to Android but it was unfounded after all.

Final clincher to shift camp is the ease of porting all the iPhone contacts over to Samsung Note 2 using Gmail. It’s real easy to sync the contacts over. Also I get my Google Maps back.

What I Don’t Like

One pet peeve about the new Android OS (Jelly Bean) is that it sometimes take too many steps to complete an action. But it definitely gave you more options along the steps for better control though. I’d learn to live with it.

**Guest Post by Danny Lee.

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