Samsung Omnia – New iPhone 3G Killer?

The Samsung Omnia has become the No.1 in my must-get list instead of the new iPhone 3G. Here, I’ll tell you why…

First you must go read the Seven iPhone Disappointments – quite a nasty review – It doesn’t sound like a usable phone. Also, a couple of iPhone users advised me against getting it. Instead, they recommended the new Samsung i900 Omnia.

Here’s a Samsung Omnia review – actually it’s a comparison:

iPhone 3G vs Samsung i900 vs HTC Touch Diamond

and the Samsung Omnia seems to be the obvious winner here.

Youtube Video: Samsung Omnia Review

I always wanted to get a Samsung. I am sick of Nokia! However, I am stuck with my existing phone because I still have more than 12 months contract on my current plan. The price of Samsumg Omnia without contract is pretty steep.

Samsung OMNIA

The Samsung Omnia looks good, isn’t it? In fact, it looks as cool as the iPhone. Here’s the Omnia specifications.

Samsung Omnia Specifications

**I particular like the idea of the 5MP auto-focus camera with flash, Divx/H.264 video and embedded GPS. Also the Samsung Omnia OS is Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, meaning a wide range of application software can be installed.

Update 28 Jul 2008: This blog is currently ranked Number 1 when you searched for omnia review at I really wish I could get hold of this phone and do a proper review. For more information on Omnia blogs, visit

Samsung Omnia HD

Update 1 March 2009: Just got to know that Samsung launched a sequel to the Omnia. After some research on Google, I believe the new Samsung Omnia HD will be a winner. I will definitely like to lay my hand on it and test out the high-definition video recording and watching HD movie on-the-go.

Samsung OMNIA HD

145 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia – New iPhone 3G Killer?”

  1. 1. Samsung i900 Omnia, sold without user manual to hide fault with phone. No user manual was found on any of samsung website.

    2. The NavFone is place on the 1GB expended memory because the expended memory cannot support 8GB as it claim. I try putting 2GB and it start to stall.

  2. While this is probably not the complete user manual, this user manual may be helpful to some folks!

  3. My Omnia is HOT!

    I’m a current Omnia user (EX-Nokia fan). The functionality takes some getting use to as there is just so much great stuff on the phone. My only peeve is the battery life. I understand that large display phones (N95 and the like) will always draw a large amount of battery life however, I cannot understand why my phone is always hot. Yes hot. Even when I’m not using any applications or any of the connectivity functions my phone heats up in my pocket and automatically connects to the HSDPA or 3G and drains the batt life… that’s my only real grievance.

  4. I heard the price of Omnia is S$880 without contract at Little India. How much did you pay for your Omnia without contract?

  5. omnia phone look cool but the touch screen not as good as F480 samsung if omnia touch screen can improve that will be great

  6. No iphone in malaysia yet,so i bought samsung OMNIA even though i am a mac lover..It cost me about RM2799. It works great and i am happy with this new gadget. I can forget about buying unlocked iphone now ..

  7. hi mark n jusper~~~~
    my Omnia also encounter this problem,
    after watching a 10 min video clip, the phone
    start to warm……….

    quite worry about this issue.. : (

  8. Hi, why Omnia can only read 1 Telephone/Handphone number in Sim Contacts? Usually we stored 2 number “Mobile” & “Home” but the displaying only listed 1 number only then where’s another numbers goes?? This phone is complicated while setting ringtones & update new no. to sim contact…zzz..

  9. I juz bought a Omnia.. what i dun like abt the phone is the side slot of the USB. If you want to hear music, the side slot door needs to be opened (located at bottom left) for you to slot the USB headset jack. this leaves the slot door at a very fragile edge and with the side door in this location, I dun dare put the phone in the pants pocket for fear of breaking the side slot door. This is poor design as compared with iphone where its very conveniently located at the top and no door for the headset jack.

  10. Omnia has come up with a lot of things in the phone… but its very messy and not user friendly as the iphone. But then again iphone has got its own problems. looks like you can’t get a perfect phone.

  11. Hi, I’m a new Omnia owner (and still using my N95 8GB, previously N93, SX1). As a seasoned Symbian user (and an Ex-PPC user) the Omnia with it’s Windows Mobile interface took a while to get used to, but after that, it BLEW ME AWAY.

    Besides being a great phone, it came with even more cool things than my Symbian phones could ever do.

    1. Plays back almost any media I could throw at it, even HD video
    2. Radio is very clear
    3. User Interface is highly customisable (I recommend getting the spb that makes it feel like the htc touch).
    4. PIM is highly usable and the Smart Reader scans business cards with 99% accuracy (the odd spelling error)
    5. Loads of fun software to put inside it’s massive 16GB storage.
    6. 8GB MicroSDHC works perfectly well.
    7. mini mouse pad works well too
    8. Opera (nuff said)
    9. Lots of Camera options, … even slow-motion video.
    9a. Smile detection is brilliant, as is the multi-face tracking.
    10. Photo slideshow (Digital Frame) is brilliant! Even has ken burns effect like in the iPhoto.
    11. Office Mobile!
    12. GPS!
    13. Able to shut down all running programs…. I’m used to this since PPC days, however, having a dedicated hw button is useful.
    14. Auto Screen Rotate works (sometimes too well)
    15. Auto backlight adjustment is spot on

    1. Screen should have been VGA
    1a. Screen should have better visibility to handle sunlight
    2. Should have a mini audio jack
    3. Video Recording has major artifacting issues and jerky at VGA resolution.
    4. Should come with more games.
    5. Podcast handling is subpar (The N95 did it brilliantly).
    6. It hangs….. sometimes (as did my N95).
    7. GPS is less accurate than in the N95 8GB, and bundled software isn’t very good.

    Having said all that, it would be hard to go back to anything without a touch screen…

    And as an iphone killer…. maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but I’m loving my phone…. every moment of it!

  12. Wow!

    Thanks DL, for the very detailed review on the Samsung Omnia.

    And what a positive review. I am still trying to save money to own one of these touch-screen phones.

  13. Glad to add my 2c worth to this highly googled page

    Fortunately the phone only cost me S$198 with a corporate plan that is covered by my company…

    btw, I’m actually writing this reply on my Omnia 🙂

  14. hey guys!

    samsung omnia takes quite awhile to get the hang of it.

    and yes! it always gets hot. does anyone has an answer to it? i was so afraid that it would overheat.

    and the key-lock function is not as good as it seems. once there’s a new msg or call, it would auto-unlock and ended up msging and calling ppl unknowingly!

    not forgetting the always unable to functino camera.
    mine always tells me “video memory not enough, pls close all other applications”. even after i ended the other applications, it still cant work!


    however, it is still better than iphone. the camera comes with multiple functions and flash, and the media player is very user-friendly! =)

  15. good review i900 needs ear jack, mini usb, a good firmware update, stero speakers like n95, steel back plate, samsung this was so easy to do

  16. Hey DL, do u have any heat problems with ur omnia?
    Some people also said that the phone actually feels cheap and plasticky, what do u think?
    Also, how is the touchscreen? Is that as responsive as expected?
    I’m so excited to get my omnia in couple days….

  17. It gets hot in the following instances:
    Downloading stuff (WIFI and 3G+)
    Watching Videos
    Just plain old surfing
    Recording Videos

    I think that the parts that heat up the most are the storage card and the Comms (antennae area).

    And if you’re not doing anything, don’t forget to end all tasks or the phone will continue to run it in the background (especially with podcasts). You should also switch off WIFI when you’re not using it.

  18. Forgot to mention, the touchscreen is pretty good…. and the Samsung Widgets do make it feel kinda like a mini-Vista.

    But the trick is to install SPB’s interface which adds the HTC Touch’s GUI…. and that to me makes the phone complete.

  19. I’m an experienced Windows Mobile user so I’m not complaining about the lack of a detailed manual. In fact the Omnia has already gone a long way in improving Windows Mobile usability and I commend Samsung for that.

    Got rid of the widgets after a week. I like the other multifunction today screen.

    My biggest gripe is the internal memory for programs (RAM). The 16GB (Actually 14GB) “My Storage” is not a problem but programs need RAM to run. And the RAM is not enough. I just installed Japanese font which takes up 8MB to the main memory (shared with RAM) because it’s the only place that it will work and now I’m left with so little memory to work with. Memory bottleneck makes the phone hang already.

    But all-in-all, it’s a good phone function-wise.

  20. Samsung i900 Omnia – New iPhone 3G Killer? heh I doubt so, How can describe the i900 Omnia -> Jack of all trades, Master at NONE…. hideous interface and design. Seems all the phone mfg wants a iPhone, all playing catchup.

  21. the touchscreen sensitivity is BAD… nothing compared to the iphone… seriously…

    yes and the RAM is horrible… you need to end all tasks to run the camera…

    the interface is so unfriendly you gotta go for an “omnia workshop” to get round it.. and samsung’s service is HORRID…

  22. my girlfriend has this phone and when we bluetooth files over to it we can’t seem to find it. can anyone help? i’ve been using windows mobile for the past 5 years but for omnia it does not auto save the file in My Documents folder. plase help

  23. hi meL, I am afraid you are mistaken.
    The sent files will be in the My Documents folder.

    Unless you are looking at the My Documents Folder in the “My Storage” portion, the received files will all be in the My Documents Folder when you view “My Device” in the File Explorer.

    Hope that helps

  24. hey dl i had the same problem as meL.. but what do i do?? when ever i try taking pictures it says “video memory not enough, pls close all other applications”. even after i ended the other applications, it still cant work!.. how do i change my memory..

  25. i 2 have the same problam meL and rishi about thw bluetouth problam.what i fugered out is if its a pic or something then we find it in my docs but if is more then 5 mb then they get lost magically and the hardest part is that the memory is also used and we cant find the file

  26. This is a dream phone. If you’re a “techie”!!! Hands on, it’s user friendly. There is a manual on the website too… It’s fast as you switch on from one app. to another. If you’re having problems with it’s touch screen you must not have set it properly to your preference. If you’ve been a smart phone user all this while using this phone is a breeze. If you’re the sort who just bought it for show..and don’t know how to optimize it’s use then don’t get one. But,it is a definite IPHONE killer… IPHONE 2 still didn’t provide a lot of things from their 1st version the only new thing “INTERNET SPEED”… so much for 2nd versions… one thing for sure… their marketing is damn good… I’m an avid MAC USER , but OMNIA fulfilled a lot of what I needed… phone wise.

  27. I wonder why iPhone users not giving their comments here. It is because iPhone is so perfect that nothing need to be said. Or people buy iPhone not to be used as a mobile phone?!

  28. Anyone have this problem of opening the camera function? Its always says not enough video memory and thus I cannot use the camera. I have to do a reset in order to start the camera function again. Anyone has a solution to this problem?

  29. Oh, I realized i’m the third or fourth person voicing out this problem. Why is there no answer to this question about the camera?? Is nobody else experiencing this camera video memory not enough problem??

  30. I recently got an Omnia, i did have trouble starting up the camera at first, i think i did a master reset, and restarted the phone,it now works when i go into the program from the windows menu, but it still wont open by pressing the top button next to the volume keys, also, i dont know if anyone else is having this problem, but my mum and i both got the omnia at the same time, and for some reason if the phone is left on the side, locked or unlocked, sometimes it will just answer itself without ringing or any warning, and people will be shouting down the phone for ages until i eventually hear it, my mum has the same problem, this could be quite embarrasing if it is not sorted, i have turned the auto answer off, and searched the phone and manual for hours for a solution. Please help!

  31. i dont know if you’ve already mentioned it, but I found going into task manager and turning off all running apps lets the camera work again. prior to doing this, it said there wasnt enough video memory

  32. Omnia does have many pluses i agree!
    But it still lies on the backbone of windows mobile devices.
    Im currently a newbie for the iphone 3g and all i can say it blows my not so geeky friends away! ;p
    Iphone 3g is not some supermulti function phone compared to omnia. But its the interface and the redesigning of the phone which creates a brand new Interface for the middle class people.
    U can easily download legal and free apps created by many people (about 6 aday to keep you occupied) juz by logging on wifi.
    One key feature is the sms function whereby it works like a chat log that you guys might find it cool!
    Get the iphone if you are a music lover, thrill seeker and a apple wannabe.
    Get omnia if you juz wan to conform to the windows mobile standard> HTC,DOpod,Samsung and many others use the same Windows Framework 😉

  33. Im considering to get an Omnia or HTC Diamond. Am reallie in a dilema. Anyone can suggest as i can see Omnia has got quite a big of problem here.

  34. There’s a small white switch on the side,with a small icon like a’s along side the camera buttons and volume buttons on the topmost part of the right it long the phone will prompt you to end tasks…that would be faster than tapping the task manager…upon pressing this button if you want to use the camera and it says for you to close all apps…that’s all you have to do press again that button to end all tasks and the camera should function already.. It works for me,I hope this could help..

  35. But before you do this , check your button assignments first..that button (the small one topmost on the left) should have task switcher assigned to it…

  36. could anyone help me out? ive changed my omnia twice, but it has this thing where anytime i get a call it answers itself within seconds without me even realising. ive checked the auto answer several times and have even got to the point where im trying to divert all my calls to voicemail to avoid any embarrassing situations. any ideas?

  37. Go to settings ,tap PHONE. Look at the tabs below,move arrow til you rech the TAB that says MORE. Then HIGHLIGHT, AUTO ANSWER then tap GET SETTINGS then choose OFF .


    This errors keep haunting me ! Is there any other way beside switching on & off again ? though all the task has been killed . . . sigh

  39. Why can i not access my phones 16gb memory???? I JUST got the Omnia, bluetoothed some tracks to it (about 8) and about 30 photos, now it wont let me add any more saying the memory is full. Then when i look, it says theres almost 16gb of memory left. How is this happening???? Why am i not able to use any of the phones memory??

  40. Currently I would prefer to buy OMNIA since i m WM user for last 2 years. But i wonder if Samsung can provide 16/8GB to Phone memory, why the can’t increase the Ram which is backbone to use this large memory. I’m afraid of the heating problem too which many of the users r mentioning here. But currently it is seem better than the rest so no choice!

  41. Seriously speaking, i love this phone only after i d/l the SPB interface lol, previous icon is so CRAP!! haha Great phone 8/10 (2 for lagness)

  42. Anyone tried the Video playback after Converting some files to put into?

    I tried playing Mp4 with 400×240 converted, seems to get out of the Actual Video screen, some parts missing at the top and bottom lol, anyone have good converter? Currently using WinAVI

  43. My phone still answers itself!! its nothing to do with turning auto answer off because ive done this several times and it never says it was on in the first place! im really not liking the new omnia, purely for the fact that it keeps answering itself!!

  44. I have been having the same problem with the camera with “Not enough video memory. Please close other applications and try again” popping up all the time.

    Pressing the ‘reset’ button makes the camera work for a while but then it does it again.

    I asked at the shop where i bought it from and the assistant put ‘task manager’ in my start menu and if u go into that and ‘End all tasks’ like on your computer this makes it work too……..well most of the time. However this didnt work the other night when I went to see my favourite band and couldnt take any photos!! Very annoying!!

    I dont know if there is anything else u can do?? I know if I go ask at the shop again, the day I go in it will probably be working and they will think im wrong! aargh! xxx

  45. Still waiting for o2 to get this phone??? It looks wicked. Are they any plans to get some in, or am I going to have to change over to another phone company or even worst will I have to get nokia n96/ iphone which I think are boring lol

  46. hey guys, i got myself the WITU ( thats what it’s called in moscow)…. I am so loving it…. i havent had any of the problems u guys complained about yet, i end all task before taking a picture and it responds very good…. i keep pretty few apps running and it practically doesnt heat up except it runs for a really long time…’s quite finger friendly than i expected….

    But i can’t seem to play movies in it yet….all the movies i uploaded didnt play… say’s invalid format!
    do i need a special kind of codec or do i have to change the format??? please advice.

  47. Hey guys, I’ve been an Omnia user for about 4 weeks. Some things are great. Some things are far from great. Overall, I would not recommend this phone.
    1. I have not worked out how to default savings files to “My Storage” rather then “My Device” for apps such as Media Centre, Camera etc. It means every time I launch the app, I need to always navigate from MyDevice to MyStorage..and its taking up precious memory on MyDevice.
    2. ..and this is a big one. I too am having major issues with the ““NOT ENOUGH VIDEO MEMORY. PLEASE CLOSE OTHER APPLICATIONS AND TRY AGAIN” Ending all tasks makes no difference. I have also made about 15MB of free space on “MyDevice” hoping that would resolve it but no luck.
    Does anyone know a solution to these?

  48. You can set default storage for camera in the camera settings menu. Go to page 4 and there is a setting for default storage there.

  49. haven’t had any problems with camera or any other thing…. getting to like the phone by the day…. but the only thing i hate is that it runs out or battery life pretty quick….

  50. I’m using iPhone now, but have used WM PDA Phones for years. WM Phones with handwriting recognition entry is far better & faster than the keyboard entry of iPhone. Phonebook function is very helpful.
    The iPhone hangs at times (with all the screen icons shaking and no response) and has No Phonebook “search by Number or Name” function, only allow search by scrolling or select First Alphabet. iPhone Battery would not last more than your 8 hours, if you perform 2 hour of texting & emailing combined.

  51. I’m looking around for a WM PDA Phone and giving away my iPhone. Heard the Samsung i8510 is faster. Anyone have experience with the i8510?

  52. You can resolve short Battery Life with a spare battery. With the iphone, this is impossible. iPhone Battery is not removable, so spare battery is impossible. If you are mostly outdoors, it is definitely not sufficient to last pass 6 hours and no way to charge unless you are in office. If you need to use wireless bluetooth earphones, no way to last your office hours without 2 charge a day.

  53. The HTCs ( P3600 / Touch ) feel better in hand but look at this:

    The South African box contains the following:

    a quick start guide
    the handset
    the battery
    a 8GB memory card with card reader
    getting started CD
    Garmen Navigator software for life CD
    normal charger
    car charger
    spare in-ear pieces
    3.5mm adapter
    USB cable
    Car Cradle with suction cups

    8GB card works like a dream
    My only complaint is the feel in hand which is on par with Sony Ericssons’ and Nokias’ and the shape of the touch screen which takes getting used to. Other than that my phone does everything possible.

  54. It seems to me that there are a LOT of negative msgs here…and I am not at all surprised. I have an Omnia, and was very excited to get it on 1st day of release in uk. After much consideration about getting iPhone, I made the biggest mistake and got the omnia. It’s rubbish!! I can see a lot of people here are blinded by technical gadgetry, but lets face it, its a phone, and it doesnt function very well as one. Also,texting is awkward, the camera doesnt always work, and the touchscreen is crap. No handbook? GPS designed by children? Batt charge not what they spec. Goes online without touching it. Oh, and that stylus thing they provide! What is THAT all about?? This phone is not ready for the market. Samsung….try again.

  55. i don’t know what they sold to u guys over there but since i bought my samsung WITU i haven’t had any complains…. it works perfectly… I mean everything works just FINE!!!! i have an iphone too, but i prefer the WITU…. apart from the fact that ofcos the iphone screen resolution is better….
    hey Dave,whats wrong with the stylus?? that stylus is the bomb…. show me a better stylus than that….
    the GPS is great!!

  56. ok here’s a few things that i found disappointing. firstly the stylus…why couldnt they incorporate it into the phone itself, a little parking pocket like all pda’s have. it would have added 5mm to the width maybe but so what. I got so fed up of it dangling around my face when on a call, i took it off. problem is you actually need it for the touchscreen, unlike the iphone, where finger pressure is ideal. secondly, scrolling through contacts or programs by stroking the screen. every time i try this the first contact/program i touch opens. this doesnt happen with iphone. third…texting. you get a window of TWO lines to see what you have written. the rest of screen is filled with old message.
    and finally (for now) the camera. well just look at other comments above to see a common problem we all suffer. as for GPS, I think I might be missing the software for that. is it not a pre-loaded program??

  57. well, i hardly use the stylus except when i’m surfing the web… so i didnt attach it to the phone.
    if u want to scroll tru programs and names, its best u flip the right end of the screen, it moves smoothly, it took me a while to get a perfect angle, but i’m used to it now..but do not apply much pressure while touching….
    about texting, yea d window is quite small, but i don’t see dat as a problem…i enjoy the vibration from the keys)))

    I’m shocked people are having problems with their camera’s this is common with guys who bought their device in the US n UK…. my camera works perfect even with over 5 programs running on the background…. the smile detector is d bomb, it won’t snap except the person smiles….and pic quality is great!
    the GPS is a pre loaded sofware….. the google maps in it works pretty well too, just like the iphone 3G….

  58. about the GPS. please someone tell me what the program is called, how it is accessed etc. I have google maps which gives a birds eye view, but i have nothing that looks anything like what they advertise as GPS on this phone.

  59. With regards to the camera problem, I had the same thing so I sent my phone back thinking it was the phone. I have my phone back again now and have been looking at the memory probs that I have and have found comments on other websites that suggest clearing the cache created when using opera. To do this just connect the phone to your PC and go into the phones memory, not the storage card, then opera folder and cache, and delete. This supposdly clears up a few MB of memory, enabling you to use the camera again.

  60. I’m getting one of these tomorrow, I’m so excited about getting it. Thanks for the review, helped me decide. 🙂 ohhh. I can’t wait.

  61. believe me man, when u get it, u’ll begin to love ur phone even more….
    remember to install the spb mobile shell which is about 3.3MB in your RAM (97MB) memory…. then skins which is 17MB in your phone (8GB or 16GB) memory…
    if u have a problem downloading or installing, holla…
    i can email u mine, which is free ofcos :)))

  62. Might have gud or bad comments running around, but i think that User-friendly is something so subjective, some ppl they might get use to the function easily, but some not.

    easy thing, if u love the Samsung Omnia self, buy it, no need to compare…like me…

    I love Omnia far more than Iphone though…
    When ppl telling how gud is Iphone, how bad is Omnia…well, i’m wondering that Iphone got no problem at all on it’s self?

    Maybe…..maybe not 🙂

    Omnia user, dun get frustrate when u c the negative comment 🙂

    Master it!

  63. hi enzo… i would like to try the spb stuff.. can u help me what it the good about this ‘spb’.? and if u don’t mind can u email me your spb? if its ok.. and i like very much my omnia..

  64. hi guys… sorry for not replying on time… i’ve been quite busy…
    to stonx: do this, go to your “today” setting – elements and remove the samsung widgets…
    w download the spb mobile shell, u need to install it in your RAM (97MB) memory, it will only take 3.3MB of space, so its ok… install it from your desktop computer…. when u finish installing it runs automatically on your device…
    but to really enjoy it, u need to install the skins available too… copy the skin into the program file in your phone (8GB or 16GB) memory… run the files and install in you PHONE 8GB memory cos its about 17MB….

    to Adnaz: the spb mobile shell is just an interface that gives style to your omnia…. check out more on

    the files are quite big so i cant be able to email them…. we need to chat on yahoo or preferable ICQ so i can transfer them to u instantly…
    but anyway, give me an email address and i will try and see if it will upload on gmail.

    stonx, if u have problems installing holla!!!

  65. I dont hate the Iphone but truely guys, i PREFER the omnia…..
    it doesn’t limit u in anyway….. the iphone does……..
    u cant even transfer files tru bluethooth to say d least!!

  66. hye enzo! your so really explore that omnia huh..great…well i got a question for u…do u know how to install the slider bar to unlock the phone?..juz like the iphone..i saw some clips on youtube, it has it on their omnia…where does those guys get it..? thanx..

  67. wassup ninja, yea d omnia is a good companion:))) i didn’t install d slider, but i tried it in a friends omnia, its not as effective and doesnt slide as smooth as d iphone, u need to apply a bit of pressure….but for some people it works pretty well so try it…. u can download it from this site :

    u have to scroll down to see the file to be downloaded… i advice u read comments of guys who installed it before u install.
    have fun

  68. does anyone in singapore knows where to get a good price for omnia without contract? i can’t wait to have one!! but i’m still searching for a good price!!

  69. i asked at M1 yesterday and they said $888 for a 8GB without contract but what i saw online just now is like around $890 for 16GB without contract! i’m pretty puzzled so i wanna know what’s the actual retail price now before i lay my hands on the lovable Omnia!!! please advise! thanks!!

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  71. hey i tot i leave a comment here?is it being deleted? hmm…nvm..i was juz wondering whether omnia could change its windows media player skins..

  72. hi guys, with regards to the camera problems, i think just need to restart the hp again after we done the file transfer thru USB port & internet browsing,thats what i’ve encountered. hope can be help.

  73. hi guyz… i know ya’ll missed me…))))) sorry i was kinda busy doing stuffs… anyway to NINJa, i never tried changing the skin of the WMP i dont even use… i use a different player… for you to be able to change d skins u need to download new skins…. i just tried to change mine now and it says no skins r available in the file.
    to Yvonne: i cant email u the file cos kits too big… it wont upload… do u have an ICQ account?? i can transfer it to u by chat. let me know!

  74. hi enzo..sorry i do not have any ICQ account..;( is there any other way? btw, how can i copy movies or videos into my omnia?? really sickening….=(

  75. Hello everybody,
    I very fond of omnia but i also interest on Pixon too, don’t know which to buy. Any comments for this two phone?

  76. hello everyone, still enjoying your Omnia’s??? Yvonne, i dont have any other way to send the file to u…. get an ICQ account then i can send it to u in seconds… i convert my moveis to DivX before transfering to my omnia…. u should do d same…
    go to this website and download the divx converter…
    always save movies in ur phone memory (8GB)

  77. to ninja, yea u can change ur sms ringtone by saving the desired ringtone in the folder named “windows” then go to ur sound setting, choose incoming SMS and search for the file u saved in the “windows” folder…. but bear in mind that if d file is big it will take up alot of space in ur RAM memory.

  78. still no people can solve the problem of “video memory not enough, pls close all other applications”. even after i ended the other applications, it still cant work!
    i thought can go in camera setting for some changes,but cant even go in also.

  79. damn people….. u are saving files in in d wrong folder…..
    go to ur video folder and delete all the files there so u can enter ur camera, when ur camera works, go to the camera settings and chnage the folder u save ur files!!
    its as easy as that….

  80. i have my omnia in my pocket and i have a site with pros and cons the thing with the touchscreen is, that f480 and iphone have a screen that reacts on electric fields (like every living creature has) that will say that you cant use gloves or stylus, but if you have times where you touch the screen without your will i will recommend the omnia cause you have to press a bit.

  81. Hi…can someone help me please. I am not able to do the following: on my samsung Omnia phone
    open and read messages recieved…I have to use the forward option by tapping on the message listed.
    cannot archive messages.
    cannot save numbers to contacts directly from messages.
    Thanks for the help.

  82. hye enzo its been ah while since im here, how are things..just wanna ask have you found out how to change the skin for windows media player.

  83. Hi All,

    After I read the review here,I went to get a omnia for myself. Than the sad thing is I do not know how to use. Can someone guide me?


  84. I purchased my first Pocket PC in 2002, the Toshiba E330, my second in 2004, the Dell Axim v51, however my first WM Phone was the Palm Treo 700wx, which I still have and use. People knock the WM system, yet I was watching movies on my Dell Axim 4 years ago, something that everyone raves the iphone can do. The amount of applications for the WM OS was staggering as well and helped me in many ways and I had a lot of money invested in these software programs and so I was highly considering the Samsung Omnia, by far, from a hardware perspective, it kicks butt over the iphone, however that being said the one thing that has stopped in my tracks is the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Samsung really dropped the ball here. You see, I’ve had a Palm Treo 700wx for the last 2.5 years and have had to carry around an annoying adapter to listen to my music or plug into my car stereo. This has been annoying and I’ve lost it twice. I’m not sure why the phone manufacturers are coming out with there “own” connections, perhaps to make more money on the accessory? Samsung should have taken a lesson from Apple and placed a 3.5 mm jack in the phone as this is one of the reasons that Apple has such a large market share in the Mobile phone industry. Hence, I won’t be purchasing the Omnia, but will wait for something better, and perhaps migrate to the rumored new iphone this June.

  85. I have been using Omnia for the past 9 months and it has worked very well for me. It did not start well initially with poor touch screen response, battery won’t charge but after I got it service, the whole unit works wonderfully. Samsung changed the touch screen for me.

    My complaint is ring tone. Despite loading in all the louder mp3 music, I cannot get it to be as loud as the normal phone ring tone. Any advice out there?

  86. can anyone tell me where can i get the free movie converter? tried to download the Divx converter but not really work..pls help…

  87. great review. love my new omnia. great unlocked world phones. camera and recorder is great for my wife and kids. very clear. much better than our unlocked blackberry phones. email and browser are great for my clients and keeping in touch. very practical phone, touch screen is great and the keys on bottom are easy to push. processor is fast and the battery life is really long. great unlocked mobile phones. facebook is great for my daughter and the apps keep me busy on my down days. it’s easy to text and email as well, got our last couple unlocked phones at 2 thumbs way up

  88. Hi, i have an samsung omnia-i900,phone. Problem is that i am not getting network in my handset i received messages, my phone book and phone keypad is not opening,

    Pls assist is there any changes need to do in settings.

  89. Honestly, the resolution of the Omnia is a Nec Plus Ultra in the cellphone technology so far in my humble opinion. I know I didn’t try all of them out there, but this one is spectacular. It worth every penny of it. And to answer the question regarding the skin, I could change it in 3 clicks with my own skin creation. So yes, it’s possible and very easy.


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