SPH Search Launched Rednano Beta

Rednano Beta was launched yesterday according to a report in today’s Straits Times.

I think this new search engine by SPH Search is good news for Internet users and ideally will provide yet another option for us to search for relevant information on Singapore and… chicken rice.

Rednano Chicken Rice

Find out what Rednano had to do with Singapore chicken rice in this news report by none other than SPH owned Straits Times.

The Web search results are pretty good.

But the directory search results sux!

Go search for web hosting at the Rednano Directory and you will see all sort of computer services company listing but Web hosting company.

Rednano Directory Listing

Btw, Rednano.sg was just indexed 25 minutes ago by Google and only the home page was indexed.

Rednano indexed by Google 25 min ago

8 thoughts on “SPH Search Launched Rednano Beta”

  1. Rednano seems quite handy when i was trying to check for locations and traffic info …. the web search may seem a little usual from the regular search engines but i guess given time … they would be as good as the other search engine … however the directory also improved a little compare to the last time i used … overall i give them a 6/10.


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